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Strands NYT

A fascinating fusion of the traditional Crossword, Connections, and Spelling Bee is Strands NYT. Players receive 48 letters on a 6 x 8 board every day, and...


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Unraveling the Strands Puzzle: A Quick Guide

Strands, the latest addition to The New York Times' puzzle collection, offers a refreshing twist on the classic word search game. With its unique gameplay and daily challenges, it has quickly become a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts.

How to Play

Playing Strands is simple yet engaging. Each day, players are presented with a grid of letters, aiming to uncover words related to a given theme. Additionally, they must identify a special word called the spangram, which connects opposite sides of the grid.


The goal is to use every letter on the board to find the theme words and the spangram. Players must be strategic in their word selection, utilizing vertical, horizontal, and diagonal connections to form words.

Hints and Solutions

Players can unlock hints by finding specific words, aiding them in uncovering the theme. Once solved, the puzzle reveals a satisfying grid filled with interconnected words.


Strands offers a daily dose of mental exercise and entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts of all levels. With its intuitive gameplay and diverse themes, it's a delightful way to start each day on a stimulating note. Dive into the world of Strands and let the unraveling of words begin!

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