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Colin Lane Games' 2019 release of the arcade-style web game Wrassling. Tossing your opponents out of the ring is the purpose of the game. This ...

Pixelated Mayhem: The Thrilling World of Wrassling Unleashed

Wrassling Unleashed - A Pixelated Brawl Extravaganza

Enter the electrifying world of Wrassling, an arcade web game that has been turning heads since its debut in 2019. Crafted by the game development virtuosos at Colin Lane Games, this digital spectacle is a wrestling extravaganza with a unique twist. Your primary goal? To hurl your adversaries out of the ring and emerge as the undisputed victor. But be warned, Wrassling is not your typical wrestling game. It plunges you headfirst into a raucous ring where you'll face off against multiple foes simultaneously, delivering a chaotic and endlessly entertaining brawl. In this pixelated battleground, you'll find yourself swinging your virtual arms to execute jaw-dropping bodyslams and send your opponents soaring over the ropes. Moreover, as you progress through the game, you'll unlock an array of zany hats and chase after quirky goals, injecting a delightful dose of whimsy into the heart-pounding ring battles.

Meet the Creative Genius - Colin Lane Games

Behind the mesmerizing curtain of Wrassling stands the wizardry of Colin Lane Games, a solo studio based in the vibrant city of Stockholm, Sweden. The visionary responsible for this digital wrestling phenomenon is none other than Colin Lane himself. His foray into the world of gaming boasts an impressive repertoire. From the basketball sensation Dunkers and its gripping sequel Dunkers 2, to the challenging arcade platformer Temple of Boom, the enthralling multiplayer tower defense game Fortz, the sports-themed romp Golf Zero, and his most recent creation, Big Shot Boxing, Colin Lane's game development journey has been nothing short of prolific and innovative. Wrassling stands as a testament to his creative prowess and adds another feather to his illustrious cap.

Dive into the Chaos - Gameplay, Challenges, and More

In Wrassling, the mission is unequivocal - maintain your position inside the ring and forcefully eject your adversaries from its confines. You take command of a distinctive pink avatar, thrust into a ferocious contest against opponents donned in a spectrum of colors. The objective is straightforward yet exhilarating: apply your might to push, throw, or propel your rivals out of the ring in this pixelated brawl. Wrassling offers a wealth of gaming experiences beyond a mere single-player mode. It boasts an engaging multiplayer co-op option, a daunting 1-player boss mode that puts your skills to the ultimate test, and a heart-pounding 2-player versus mode that will leave you breathless. You can even tailor the difficulty level by toggling the enemy AI on and off, ensuring that every match presents a challenge worthy of your mettle. And if you're truly daring, can you achieve the ultimate feat - hurling out the referee himself?


  • Mouse – Navigate
  • Left Mouse Button – Interact

1 Player Mode:

  • ZX – Rotate Arms
  • Arrow Keys – Movement

2 Player Mode:

  • WASD – Movement for Player 1
  • XC – Rotate Arms for Player 1
  • Arrow Keys – Movement for Player 2
  • OP – Rotate Arms for Player 2

Wrassling transcends the confines of conventional wrestling games. It's a pixelated spectacle that harmoniously blends chaos, strategy, and a hearty dose of humor. Whether you're flying solo or challenging a friend, Wrassling guarantees an uproarious time inside the ring. So, take center stage in the pixelated arena and demonstrate your wrestling prowess by unceremoniously tossing your opponents out of the ring.


Using Mouse

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